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All of our menus are available to take away below is some more pasta options for take away



Choose from fettuccine or gnocchi

Vegetarian $16

1. Pumpkin, sage & macadamia in butter

2. Aglio e Olio; garlic, chilli, oil and parsley

3. Melanzane; eggplant, shallot, goats cheese in tomato sauce

4. Mediterranean vegetable and thyme fetta (add $4)


Non- vegetarian $18 

5. Carbonara; bacon, garlic & onion in cream sauce

6. Country style; bacon, mushroom & shallots in tomato cream sauce

7. Pesto chicken, olives and spinach

8. Sicilian; chilli, capers, anchovy, olive, garlic in tomato sauce

9. Prawns, bacon and shallots in tomato sauce (add $2)




Choose from
Panko crumbed with tahini | grilled with ginger & chilli | Natural

Pulled venison tacos, roast peppers, leaves, white bean salsa, cheese & habanero hot sauce 3@$20 g/f

Japanese inspired Atlantic Salmon BBQ’d medium rare with roasted sweet potato, sesame snow peas, fresh rocket and a soy mirin glaze $35 g/f

Miso rubbed beef tenderloin with local asparagus and roasted Japanese turnips with pickled ginger and sake jus $40 g/f

Hot smoked salmon with risoni tossed together with sauteed red onion, crunchy capers, parsley & garlic in a rich creamy sauce $25




Special Offers

Take advantage of our special offers and save money to explore more flavours and dive deep into a new gastronomic world.


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Lunch and dinner Specials 
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Salad wrap and sweet potato fries(v) 17
with falafels or grilled chicken               

Pulled pork sliders 18
with slaw, pineapple chutney and fries

Spinach, pumpkin and ricotta cannelloni (v) 20
house made pasta rich creamy tomato sauce

Gnocchi & wild mushrooms (v) 20
house made gnocchi cherry tomatoes,
green sauce and shavings of parmesan

Pumpkin and macadamia fritters (gf, v) 16
on crunchy salad leaves & dill sour cream
add chicken extra $5

Smokey bison burger and onion rings 18
with lettuce, sliced tomato, jalapeno, blue cheese and beetroot relish

Kaarage Chicken burger & vege fries (df) 18
with lettuce, bean shoots, kimchi and wasabi mayo

Okonomiyaki 16
Japanese savoury pancake with tempura vegetables

Moroccan spiced lamb burger & sweet potato fries 20
haloumi, roast capsicum, lettuce and
preserved lime yoghurt

Gluten free options available, please ask our friendly staff


Kids Menu

Nachos 10

Pasta with meatballs 10

Cheese burger and fries 10

Chicken & chips (G.F avail) 10





Gluten free bread available

Sicilian garlic bread 8.5

Garlic bread 2/slice

Pesto pizza 8.5

Brushetta 7



Local pork and potato hash (gf) 20
with green pea puree and seared scallop drizzled with blue cheese dressing

Stuffed jalapenos wrapped with prosciutto (gf) 9

Spicy buffalo wings 12

Falafels and minted yoghurt (gf) 10

Meatballs in napoli  12

Crumbed stuffed mushrooms 16
filled with chorizo, semidried tomato & scamorza

Antipasto (for 2) (gf avail) 22
olives, marinated vegies, 3 cheeses bread & dip

BBQ'd king prawns  (gf, df) 21.5
laced with balsamic, garlic and parsley



American style beef brisket (gf) 28
rich smoky bbq sauce, cheesy polenta chips and salad

Gnocchi & wild mushrooms (v) 20

BBQ'D fish fillet dusted in pepperberry (df) 29
served with a roast vegetable tart and fennel relish

Slow cooked lamb shoulder (gf. df) 28
steamed greens, rosemary sweet potato fondant in its own rich lamb gravy 

Crispy skin duck  (gf, df) 30
on wokked vegetables and rice noodles drizzled with plum and ginger sauce

Chicken breast roulade (gf) 31
filled with smokey mozzarella and wrapped in prosciutto served with creamy mustard sauce and winter veg

Peppered beef tenderloin 35
served with honey carrots, roasted garlic potato mash, Yorkshire pudding and red wine glaze

Spinach, pumpkin and ricotta cannelloni (V) 21.95
house made pasta rich creamy tomato sauce & petit salad

Sides 8
vegetables | garden salad | chips






Dessert pizza 15
poached pear, choc gnash, nut praline
and mascarpone

Strawberry crepes 15
with cointreau sauce & vanilla ice cream

Spanish donoughts 15
chocolate and caramel dipping sauce 

Chefs brulee 15
Ask your friendly waitstaff for the flavour of
rich custard with crispy top

Trio of icecream & gelato 12
house made assorted flavours

Cheese plate 15
Cheeses loves you cheese, crackers and fruits


Unity Roasters Coffee 4 (cup) / 4.5 (mug)





Trio of nuts 8

Bowl of marinated olives 8

Bruschetta 7

Stuffed jalapenos and prosciutto 9

Falafels 10

House wedges sour cream and sweet chilli 9

Meatballs 12

Spicy buffalo wings 12






Dough made and rolled to order. All pizzas sprinkled with cheese.

8”  10”  12”  18” sizes available

$10 $17 $21 $30

Chorizo, artichoke, roasted peppers, spinach, goats’ cheese and
capsicum marmalade

Georgios Meatballs and pineapple

Formaggio Five of Cheeses Loves You best

King Charles Prawns, caramelised onion & gorgonzola

Peperoni, prosciutto, pineapple & anchovies

Fungi mushrooms, roast capsicum, parmigiano & basil

Melanzane Eggplant, anchovies & pesto

Number 8 Spinach, semi dried tomato, olives & goats’ cheese

Vegetable Supreme all things veg

Moroccan Lamb, spinach, feta, sweet potato, cous cous, yoghurt & rocket

BBQ Chicken with potato, bacon & onion

Satay Chicken with onion and capsicum



Tuesday and Wednesday


TOAST & condiments $6
Fruit & nut | sourdough | Turkish | gluten free

JFP MUESLI & POACHED PEAR, yoghurt & honey $15

EGGS BENEDICT on sourdough &
choose your two sides from below $17

SMASH AVO on sour dough, green sauce &
grilled tomato $15

BACON & EGG ROLL with lettuce, tomato & chutney $13

PUMPKIN FRITTERS with salmon &
poached eggs $19 (g.f)

EGGS ON TOAST with grilled tomato $10



SIDES: salmon | bacon $6

mushroom | haloumi | spinach | potato $4

1/4 avocado | hollandaise | tomato $4




James Boags premium light 6

Great Northern Super Crisp 6

Stone and Wood garden ale 8

Stone and Wood green coast

Estrella, Barcelona 8

Stone and Wood Jasper ale 9

Seven Mile brewing co. Cali Cream 946ml 22



Pickled Pig 8


Soft drink

Cola, lemonade, solo, ginger beer, LLB 4.5

Kombucha 5

Smoothie 6 and milkshake 5


White wine

The Riddle Brut Reserve NV. SA 7 (150ml) / 28 (750ml)

Canti Prosecco Vento, Italy ‘17 8 (150ml) / 40 (750ml)

Amberly Kiss and Tell Moscato, AU 8.5 (150ml) / 42 (750ml)

Days of Rose, SA ‘17 9 (150ml) / 45 (750ml)

The Riddle Sauvignon Blanc, SA ’18 7 (150ml) / 28 (750ml)

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc, NZ ’16 9 (150ml) / 45 (750ml)

Mud House Pinot Gris, NZ ’16 9 (150ml) / 45 (750ml)

Kirrihill Chardonnay, SA ’17 7 (150ml) / 35 (750ml)


Red wine

The Riddle Shiraz Cabernet, SA ’18 7 (150ml) / 28 (750ml)

Taku Pinot Noir, NZ ’17 9 (150ml) / 45 (750ml)

Grant Burge Merlot, SA ’18 8.5 (150ml) / 42 (750ml)

Kirrihill Cabernet Sauvignon, SA ’16 8.5 (150ml) / 42 (750ml)

St Hallett Shiraz, SA ’17 8 (150ml) / 40 (750ml)