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Lunch and dinner Specials
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Greek style salad with chicken or falafels (gf) $17
lettuce, tomato, olives & house made labna

Pulled bison tacos (gf) $18
on corn tortillas with leaves, cheese, avocado,
hot sauce and sour cream

Okonomiyaki $17
Japanese savoury pancake with tempura veg

Open style steak sandwich & onion rings $20
lettuce, bacon, egg, cheese and green tomato relish served with fries

Tonkatsu pork burger & fries (df) $19
lettuce, bean shoots. kimchi and yuzu mayonnaise

Spinach, pumpkin and ricotta cannelloni (v) $20
house made pasta in rich creamy tomato sauce

Moroccan spiced venison burger $20
haloumi, roast capsicum, lettuce, preserved lime
yoghurt and sweet potato fries


Sides sweet potato fries | garden salad | chips $8


Gluten free options available, please ask our friendly staff

Breads and Entree's available at lunch time.


Kids Menu

Beef Nachos $10 

Pasta with meatballs $10

Beef Cheese burger and fries $10

Chicken & chips (G.F avail) $10






Gluten free bread available

Garlic bread $2/slice
Bruschetta; tomato, onion & basil $7
Pesto and cheese pizza $9
Sicilian Garlic bread; cheese, garlic & chilli $9


Bowl of marinated olives $8
Stuffed jalapeños wrapped with prosciutto $9
Falafels and minted yoghurt (gf, v) $10
Meatballs in Napoli with parmesan $10
Buffalo style chicken wings with spicy mayonnaise $12



Pumpkin and macadamia fritter (gf, v) $12 
on garden salad & dill cream
as a main $16

Crumbed stuffed mushrooms $16
illed with chorizo & scamorza

Risoni and wild mushrooms (v) $16
ocal cherry tomatoes, spinach, green sauce and parmesan
as a main $20

Katafi wrapped prawns (df) $19.5
with sriracha mayonnaise

Local pork and potato hash (gf) $20
on green pea puree & a seared scallop drizzled with
blue cheese dressing

BBQ’d king prawns in shell (gf, df) $21.5
laced with balsamic, garlic and parsley

Antipasto (for 2) (v) $22
Selection of local cheeses, marinated vegetables, olives,
bread & dips




Spinach, pumpkin and ricotta cannelloni (v) $20
house made pasta creamy tomato sauce

House made gnocchi $27
tossed with a rich bison and truffled mushroom ragout

American style beef ribs (df) $28
rich smoky bbq sauce, Louisiana cornbread & market

BBQ’d salmon fillet dusted in lemon myrtle (gf) $30
on roast vegetable salad, house labna & fennel relish

Slow cooked lamb shoulder (gf, df) $29
steamed greens, rosemary sweet potato fondant in its
own rich lamb gravy

Chicken breast (gf) $31
with smoky mozzarella & prosciutto served with creamy
mustard sauce and seasonal vegetables

Peppered local beef tenderloin $37
served with asparagus, roasted garlic potato mash and
a rich red wine jus

Green curry crispy skin duck quarter $30 half $40
on wokked Asian vegetables and rice noodles (gf, df)


Sides vegetables | garden salad | chips $8






Strawberry crepes $15
with Cointreau sauce & vanilla ice cream

Spanish doughnuts $15
with chocolate or caramel dipping sauce

Chefs brulee $15
Ask your friendly waitstaff for the flavour of
rich custard with crispy top

Trio of gelato (df) $12
house made assorted flavours with house biscotti

Chocolate 4 days (gf) $15
Four-layer chocolate tower with some
other interesting chocolate bits

Rhubarb and pear calzone $15
with caramel sauce baked inside pizza dough

Cheese plate $15
Selection of Cheeses loves you with crackers and fruits


Liquid dessert

Liqueur $10
Port $12
Cognac $18

Unity roasters coffee / tea $4




Trio of nuts $8

Bowl of marinated olives $8

Bruschetta$ 7

Stuffed jalapenos and prosciutto $9

Falafels $10

House wedges sour cream and sweet chilli $9

Meatballs $12

Spicy buffalo wings $12






Dough made and rolled to order. All pizzas sprinkled with cheese.

                                                                      8”  10” 12”  18” sizes available

                                                                     $11 $18 $22  $31

Franco’s Chorizo, artichoke, roasted peppers, spinach,
goats’ cheese & capsicum marmalade

Georgios Meatballs and pineapple

Formaggio Five of Cheeses Loves You best

King Charles Prawns, caramelised onion & gorgonzola

Vegetable Supreme all things veg

Moroccan Lamb, spinach, feta, sweet potato, cous cous,
yoghurt & rocket

Melanzane eggplant, anchovies & pesto

Number 8 Spinach, semi dried tomato, olives & goats’cheese

The Brian capers, onion, olives, anchovies and jalapenos

Pepperoni, prosciutto, pineapple & anchovies

BBQ Chicken with potato, bacon & onion

Fungi mushrooms, roast capsicum, parmesan & basil





Tuesday and Wednesday 9am - 11am


TOAST & condiments $6
Fruit & nut | sourdough | Turkish | gluten free

JFP MUESLI & POACHED PEAR, yoghurt & honey $15

EGGS BENEDICT on sourdough &
choose your two sides from below $17

SMASH AVO on sour dough, green sauce &
grilled tomato $15

BACON & EGG ROLL with lettuce, tomato & chutney $13

PUMPKIN FRITTERS with salmon &
poached eggs $19 (g.f)

EGGS ON TOAST with grilled tomato $10



SIDES: salmon | bacon $6

mushroom | haloumi | spinach | potato $4

1/4 avocado | hollandaise | tomato $4




James Boags premium light $6

Great Northern Super Crisp $6

Stone and Wood garden ale $8

Stone and Wood green coast $8

Estrella, Barcelona $8

Stone and Wood Jasper ale $9

Seven Mile brewing co. Cali Cream 946ml $22



Pickled Pig $8




Soft drink

Cola, lemonade, solo, ginger beer, LLB $4.5

Kombucha $5

Smoothie $6 and milkshake $5


White wine

The Riddle Brut Reserve NV. SA $7 (150ml) / $28 (750ml)

Canti Prosecco Vento, Italy ‘17 $8 (150ml) / $40 (750ml)

Amberly Kiss and Tell Moscato, AU $8.5 (150ml) / $42 (750ml)

Days of Rose, SA ‘17 $9 (150ml) / $45 (750ml)

The Riddle Sauvignon Blanc, SA ’18 $7 (150ml) / $28 (750ml)

Mud House Sauvignon Blanc, NZ ’16 $9 (150ml) / $45 (750ml)

Mud House Pinot Gris,NZ ’16 $9 (150ml) / $45 (750ml)

Kirrihill Chardonnay, SA ’17 $7 (150ml) / $35 (750ml)


Red wine

The Riddle Shiraz Cabernet, SA ’18 $7 (150ml) / $28 (750ml)

Taku Pinot Noir, NZ ’17 $9(150ml) / $45(750ml)

Grant Burge Merlot, SA ’18 $8.5(150ml)/ $42(750ml)

Kirrihill Cabernet Sauvignon, SA ’16 $8.5(150ml) / $42(750ml)

St Hallett Shiraz, SA ’17 $8 (150ml) / $40 (750ml)